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Poniżej przedstawiamy naszą Politykę Prywatności, w której znajdują się informacje dotyczące przetwarzania danych osobowych po 25 maja 2018 r. oraz informacja o zastosowanych technologiach (np. plikach cookies). Kliknięcie przycisku „Zgadzam się” oznacza, że wyraża Pan/Pani zgodę na postanowienia zawarte w Polityce Prywatności
Eco Future Poland presents an innovative system that uses a patented process that transforms organic waste into a finished product that is dry, odourless and free of bacteria.
This technology - being tested, developed and improved by nearly 20 years - is based on drying (at 17 0 ° C) and sterilizing organic waste. The process does not require the addition of enzymes or other components.

The resulting product (in the form of dry, free-flowing mass) is hygienic, easy to hold, does not occupy much space nor requires specialized equipment to handle. It can be used to fertilize grasslands, potted plants and flowers, as a means for the production of animal feed. It is fully natural, so it can be disposed of by conventional methods without endangering the environment, or used to produce energy.
Devices that convert organic waste into a finished product are easy to install and very easy to use (one button system).
The size and performance of equipment is varied and tailored to the specific needs of the user. Depending on the type and size can convert from 50 kg to 60 tonnes of waste per day.
Apartment buildings
Local Institutions/municipalities
Waste management companies
Hotels and Tourist Resort
Restaurants, food chains, canteens and catering services companies
Supermarkets and commercial centre
Food Industry
Animal Farms
Local Institutions/municipalities
Waste management companies
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